Accreditations & Qualifications for Interior Designers

Delving into the vibrant world of interior design? If you're drawn to the transformation of spaces, the colour palettes, and the intricate details that make a room come alive, you're in the right place. As Australia's interior design landscape evolves, aspiring designers must equip themselves with a blend of formal qualifications from accredited institutions, as well as practical experience, in order to pave the way for a vibrant career in interior design.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be An Interior Designer?

To set a firm foundation for your career in Australia's dynamic interior design landscape, choosing the right educational path is key. What qualifications do you need to be an interior designer in Australia? Opting for programs accredited by recognised bodies, such as the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), isn't just an added bonus; it's essential. These accrediting institutions maintain high educational standards, fostering professionalism and ensuring that the courses you undertake are both qualitative and relevant to current industry standards. Here, we break down the range of qualifications you might pursue, depending on your career aspirations.

Interior Design Certificate (Offered by IDI)

  • Duration: 6-12 months
  • Career Outcomes: Ideal for beginners, this course equips you with the basic knowledge and skills needed to start a career in interior design. Graduates can look forward to entry-level positions such as assistant designer or visual merchandiser in retail settings.

Diploma of Interior Design (MSF50222) (Offered by IDI)

  • Duration: 12-18 months
  • Career Outcomes: Building upon foundational knowledge, this program is your gateway to deep knowledge and expertise in the field, opening doors to interior design jobs for residential spaces or starting your own interior design business.

Advanced Diploma of Interior Design

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Career Outcomes: An Advanced Diploma of Interior Design, offered by traditional higher education providers equips students with in-depth knowledge and skills, paving the way for various career opportunities in the dynamic field of interior design. Graduates can pursue roles in esteemed design firms, specialise in niche areas or even consider teaching within the interior design landscape.

Bachelor of Interior Design

  • Duration: 3-4 years
  • Career Outcomes: Though this is not offered by The Interior Design Institute, pursuing a bachelor's degree in interior design can further provide comprehensive knowledge and open doors to advanced positions in the field. Graduates can aspire to senior roles in top design firms, specialise in areas like sustainable design, or become educators in the field of interior design.

Imagine building an impressive portfolio that speaks louder than any degree. That's the essence of our course – empowering you with practical skills and technical know-how to kickstart a fulfilling freelance career or elevate your hobby to new heights. Your journey to success begins with The Interior Design Institute!

The Significance of The DIA (Design Institute of Australia)

The DIA is a beacon in the design industry, bringing together professionals from various domains like interior design, graphic design, and industrial design. It nurtures creativity and professionalism, providing a rich platform for networking and resource access. The DIA site seal symbolises a commitment to top-notch standards, epitomising excellence in design, and is a testament to an entity's dedication to fostering innovation and upholding the highest standards in the industry.

Our Global Accreditations

We strongly believe in providing the best quality service and learning experience available online. We have partnered with a number of third-party accreditation bodies to give students peace of mind and confidence in studying with us. We offer an Australian Government Accredited Qualification for our Diploma course and we are recognised globally by the following bodies:

DIA (Design Institute of Australia)

The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) is a prominent professional organisation dedicated to advancing the diverse and dynamic field of design in Australia. Comprising members from various design disciplines, such as interior design, graphic design, industrial design, and more, the DIA serves as a unifying force that fosters creativity, innovation, and professionalism. It provides a comprehensive platform for designers to access resources, engage in networking opportunities, and contribute to design advocacy. By nurturing design excellence and championing the value of design in society, DIA not only elevates the status of designers but also plays a vital role in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of the built environment.

IARC (International Approval and Registration Centre)

The International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC) is a globally recognised organisation with a primary mission to evaluate, approve, and register educational institutions, particularly those offering vocational education and training programmes. Founded on the principles of quality assurance and educational excellence, IARC plays a pivotal role in ensuring that institutions maintain the highest standards in delivering educational services. Through a rigorous accreditation process, IARC assists educational providers in enhancing their offerings, ultimately benefiting students and the workforce. With a commitment to fostering educational quality worldwide, IARC facilitates international collaboration in the field of education, bridging gaps and promoting the global exchange of knowledge and skills.

BAC (British Accreditation Council)

The British Accreditation Council (BAC) holds a significant position as a leading accreditation body in the United Kingdom. Established to uphold and monitor the quality of education and training institutions, BAC assesses and accredits a wide range of organisations, including educational institutions, training centres, and language schools. Through a rigorous evaluation process, BAC ensures that these organisations meet and maintain defined quality standards in teaching, learning, and overall performance. BAC accreditation is a symbol of educational excellence and signifies an institution's dedication to providing high-quality educational experiences. By supporting institutions in their pursuit of excellence, BAC contributes to the enhancement of education and training across the United Kingdom and beyond.

SBID (Society of British and International Interior Design)

The Society of British and International Interior Design (SBID) stands as a prominent institution devoted to the promotion and development of the interior design profession both in the United Kingdom and on the international stage. SBID serves as an invaluable resource for interior designers, offering a wide array of educational initiatives, professional accreditation, and a vibrant network of industry connections. The organisation's overarching goal is to elevate the practice of interior design to the highest standards by fostering collaboration, facilitating ongoing education, and championing design excellence. Through its advocacy efforts and commitment to raising the profile of interior design, SBID contributes to enhancing the overall quality of interior spaces and the well-being of those who inhabit them.

DDA (Decorators & Designers Association of Canada)

The Decorators and Designers Association of Canada (DDA Canada) is a respected national association representing professionals in the dynamic field of interior design. With a mission to uphold and elevate the standards of interior design practice in Canada, DDA Canada provides a supportive community for decorators, designers, and related industry experts. It fosters professional growth through educational opportunities, industry collaboration, and recognition of design excellence. By promoting the value of well-designed spaces and encouraging ethical and innovative practices, DDA Canada contributes to creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and sustainable environments that enrich people's lives.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a reputable non-profit organisation that plays a vital role in establishing trust and transparency between consumers and businesses. Operating as a mediator and watchdog, BBB provides consumers with valuable information regarding the reliability, ethical practices, and customer feedback of businesses. Through a comprehensive rating and accreditation system, BBB assists consumers in making informed decisions while encouraging businesses to maintain high standards of customer service and integrity. BBB's commitment to ethical business practices and dispute resolution ensures a fair marketplace, where both consumers and businesses can thrive.

UKRLP (United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers)

The UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) is the portal for government departments, agencies, learners, and employers to share key information about learning providers.

Why Pursue Interior Design Qualifications?

Securing qualifications isn't just about acquiring credentials; it's about building a backbone for a successful career in the dynamic world of interior design. By seeking proper education, you underline your commitment to professionalism, demonstrating to potential employers and clients your genuine dedication and competence in this field.

Obtaining the right qualifications does more than just enhance your reputation in the industry. It helps you build a strong skill set that keeps pace with the changing demands of the field, it opens doors to a wide range of opportunities, and allows for networking and collaboration with seasoned professionals and like-minded peers.

Why Choose The Interior Design Institute For Your Interior Designer Qualifications?

When you choose The Interior Design Institute, you're not just getting an education; you're gaining access to a wealth of knowledge and experiences that are unrivaled. Here's why we stand out:

  • Holistic Curriculum: Our courses, backed by industry-recognised faculty, ensure a well-rounded education steeped in both theory and practice, covering pivotal areas including design aesthetics and technology.
  • Flexible Learning: Catering to diverse learning paths, our courses fit seamlessly into your life, allowing for a balance between work, study, and personal commitments.
  • Accredited RTO: As an accredited Registered Training Organisation , we adhere to the highest standards in education, assuring quality and relevance in our course offerings.
  • Resources and Mentorship by Darren Palmer: Beyond the standard curriculum, students have the exciting opportunity to dive deeper into the world of interior design with the guidance of industry maestro Darren Palmer Through an inspiring set of 15 online videos and a complementary eBook crafted by Darren himself, learners can augment their understanding based on Darren's extensive experience and enriching anecdotes, taking their knowledge, passion, and experience to unprecedented levels.
  • Career Support: Our support extends beyond education, assisting you in building a portfolio and helping facilitate a smooth transition from a student to a professional.

Student Reviews


"Studying at The Interior Design Institute has been an amazing opportunity for me. Living in regional NSW meant there were no on-site training opportunities and having an established business with my husband and a young family here meant relocating for study was not an option. Being able to study online was a game changer!

The flexibility of the course made it manageable to fit study into my other personal and professional commitments. I stopped and started studying for over 7 years while balancing having a family/growing and running our construction business, and building our own home.

I originally signed up for the certificate course in 2013, which I found fantastic for giving me the skills and knowledge to work on my own project. However, I felt I was still lacking in the ability to deal with clients with someone else's design brief and knowing how to document and communicate ideas/designs.

I was really excited to learn that IDI had become an accredited training provider and that I could RPL to upgrade my qualification to a nationally recognised diploma. I signed up for the RPL Diploma in 2020. I completed that in 7 months (interrupted by having my 3rd baby and everything else that 2020 threw at us!) ups-killing to the diploma really expanded my knowledge and ability to practice interior design as a service and not just a hobby for my own benefit.

Although the path I took to get here was a long way around and probably not the ideal pathway, I'm very thankful that I was able to gain this qualification and confidence to pursue a design career through IDI."

Renee Lancaster


"Loved it! A great first step into Interior Design without the price tag and HECS Debt of a University degree… and nationally accredited. So all of my modules are used as credit towards stepping into my Bachelor of Interior Design."

Glen Rossi-Querin


"I've really enjoyed this course so far. My tutor is very helpful and knowledgeable, and I like that this course is 100% online and that I can do it at my own pace.

I've also found it very affordable compared to many other design courses on offer, particularly for an accredited Diploma. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to others wanting to get started in interior design."

Katie Bodey

The Interior Design Institute: Your Journey Starts Here

Embarking on a career in the vibrant world of interior design is more than a pursuit of knowledge; it is a journey infused with inspiration and an unyielding commitment to crafting spaces that tell compelling stories.

Your dream of transforming spaces and creating immersive experiences begins here. Join us at The Interior Design Institute and set off on a thrilling path towards of inspiration and creativity. Browse our courses or get in touch today.

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