Interior Design Portfolio

Long-lasting, timeless design.

About Me

My name is Isobel Stevens-Menzie, and my passion for interior design is all about feeling comfortable, stylish and gratified when you are in a space. I have always loved aesthetics, and now I find that I love creating them as well! I'm 22 years old and have worked with and for interior designers for over a year now.

My Work

I endeavor for the spaces that I design to have positive effects on the people that choose to move within them. I am a huge advocate for sustainability and ethics in design, and I make my design choices always with those in mind. I strive for my designs to be long-lasting and timeless. My work, if I needed to try and sum it up, would evoke feelings of serenity and tranquility, while still having that 'wow' factor and focal point. I love all things art, so that always plays a large role in my design choices and the end product.


Phone: 0497 829 267
Instagram: @interiorsbyisobel