Diploma of Interior Design - MSF50218

The Diploma in Interior Design (MSF50218) is a nationally recognised qualification accredited by the Australian Government RTO 45423. You will graduate as a professional Interior Designer.

The core and elective units below are pre-selected and are integrated throughout the course modules.

Core Units

MSFID5022 - Explore and Apply Creative Design Methodology to Interior Space

BSBDES303 - Explore and Apply the Creative Design Process to 3D Forms

BSBDES302 - Explore and Apply the Creative Design Process to 2D Forms

BSBDES502 - Establish, Negotiate and Refine a Design Brief

MSFID5020 - Design Residential Interiors

MSFID4013 - Design Residential Interior Lighting

MSFID4016 - Design Colour Schemes for Interior and Exterior Spaces

MSFID5021 - Evaluate Site Structure and Services for Interior Spaces

MSFID5025 - Develop Residential Interior Design Project Documentation

MSFID4014 - Produce Digital Models and Documentation for Interior Design Projects

Elective Units

BSBDES305 - Source and Apply Information on the History and Theory of Design

MSFFDT4012 - Research Furniture Styles and Movements

MSFID4019 - Research Interior Decoration and Design Influences

BSBDES401 - Generate Design Solutions

MSFID4012 - Decorate Residential Interiors

MSFID5027 - Research and Recommend Colour Applications and Finishes

MSFID4018 - Research and Recommend Hard Materials and Finishes for Interiors

MSFID5028 - Research and Recommend Artwork

MSFID4015 - Prepare Materials and Finishes Boards for Client Presentation

MSFID4017 - Research and Recommend Furniture and Accessories

MSFID4021 - Design Soft Furnishing Solutions for Interior Spaces

MSFID4022 - Prepare Quotation and Contract Documentation for Design Projects

MSFID5018 - Provide Interior Styling Service

CUAANM303 - Create 3D Digital Models

CUADIG304 - Create Visual Design Components

BSBDES403 - Develop and Extend Design Skills and Practice

CUAPPR503 - Present a Body of Own Creative Work

My business has grown since I have completed the course. I have more confidence in my skills and abilities and have learnt not just the ins and outs of design but also of running a business in this field.

Sabina Contreras

Sydney, NSW

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