MSF50218 - Diploma of Interior Design

Under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), which regulates education in Australia, all students who successfully complete this course will receive a nationally accredited Diploma of Interior Design and graduate as a professional interior designer.

MSF50218 - Diploma of Interior Design has a requirement of twenty-seven (27) units of competency. Ten (10) core units of competency plus seventeen (17) elective units of competency. The units of competency selected by The Interior Design Institute for this qualification can be viewed below:

Core Units

MSFID5022 - Explore and Apply Creative Design Methodology to Interior Space

BSBDES303 - Explore and Apply the Creative Design Process to 3D Forms

BSBDES302 - Explore and Apply the Creative Design Process to 2D Forms

BSBDES502 - Establish, Negotiate and Refine a Design Brief

MSFID5020 - Design Residential Interiors

MSFID4013 - Design Residential Interior Lighting

MSFID4016 - Design Colour Schemes for Interior and Exterior Spaces

MSFID5021 - Evaluate Site Structure and Services for Interior Design Briefs

MSFID5025 - Develop Residential Interior Design Project Documentation

MSFID4014 - Produce Digital Models and Documentation for Interior Design Projects

Elective Units

CUADES305 - Source and Apply Information on the History and Theory of Design

MSFFDT4012 - Research Furniture Styles and Movements

MSFID4019 - Research Interior Decoration and Design Influences

CUADES411 - Generate Design Solutions

MSFID4012 - Decorate Residential Interiors

MSFID5027 - Research and Recommend Colour Applications and Finishes

MSFID4018 - Research and Recommend Hard Materials and Finishes for Interiors

MSFID5028 - Research and Recommend Artwork

MSFID4015 - Prepare Materials and Finishes Boards for Client Presentation

MSFID4017 - Research and Recommend Furniture and Accessories

MSFID4021 - Design Soft Furnishing Solutions for Interior Spaces

MSFID4022 - Prepare Quotation and Contract Documentation for Design Projects

MSFID5018 - Provide Interior Styling Service

CUAANM313 - Create 3D Digital Models

CUADIG304 - Create Visual Design Components

CUADES413 - Develop and Extend Design Skills and Practice

CUAPPR513 - Present a Body of Own Creative Work

Hui Chien Chan

Orange, NSW

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Highly recommend

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I love studying with IDI & the flexibilty the course offers. So far the course has been so educational &...

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My journey with the Interior Design Institute

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I am a keen property renovator having renovated several properties however wanted to gain more confidence in my decisions and...

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A thoroughly enjoyable course!

This course exceeded my expectations.It is delivered in an easy to follow way that allows you to complete the course...

  • Rosa Kazemi

  • 15/08/2022


very responsive tutor and system. simplified and useful training material. applicable assignments.

  • Isabelle Garlick

  • 11/08/2022

The course is easy to digest and stuff well…

The course is easy to digest and well written. I have loved learning and can’t wait to continue!

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Great course!!

This course has been amazing. I have learnt so much and appreciate the positive feedback on each assignment. I look...

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The material and resources provided are incredible! My tutor responds quickly and my assignments are marked with a few days....

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I'm almost half way through the diploma course and am loving it so far. I love the flexibility and being...

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Fantastic course! Far more than I expected. Substantial and well researched modules with excellent guidance on how to complete the...

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This course has been such an amazing experience and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in...

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So far a great experience studying with The Interior Design Institute. The modules provide an in depth look at each...

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I have loved the course so far

I have loved the course so far. Everything is set out really well and each module flows into the next.